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Rakta mokshana

( Method to expel out vitiated blood safely)

Leech therapy is one of the Pradana karma of panchakarma which comes under Raktamokshanam

Blood letting with help of Leech is a prime solution for most of the Dermatological and blood vessel related diseases.

Jaluka vacharanam is widely accepted as the best ayurveda treatment to cure

Haematoma ,cellulites, blood clot in muscle and skin diseases such as psoriasis & eczema


Selected the suitable leeches and keep effected part of body

Leeches sucks only impure blood and purifying the blood

Leeches secretes unique proteolytic enzymes that increases the capillary vessel permeability by tuning up the vessels

Hirudin enzyme in the secretions of leeches contains 6S amino acid and they posses anaesthetic and anti coagulant properties

If detach by its own when start own when pure blood of turmeric can be used for treatment


No drug

Painless procedure

Leeches therapy is done localized but in effect reflects all over body

Vasodilator property helps to improve vessel and chances of speedy

Antibacterial property of leech saliva ensure zero chances of infection on area

Simple and the most effective therapy made it the best on in many of diseases.

  • Eczema
  • Ulcer(oozing wound)
  • Cellulites
  • Blood clots in muscle, skin
  • Psoriasis
  • Varicose vein

    Acne , pimples



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