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Kamala (Jaundice) is the disease where we can observe direct involvement of Yakrit(Liver). Here “kama” means general willing and word “la” means to give up that is giving up of willing by humans.

There are 2 causes by which a person can suffer from Kamala

  • Direct involvement of doshas and dushyas (Bhaya and abhyantara hetus)
  • When a pandu patient(Anaemic person) consumes more pitta vardhaka ahara and vihara

Based on the above sentence we can say that Kamala can be Swatantra kamala and Paratantra Kamala based on etiological factors.

Based on samprapti kamala can be classified into Koshtasritakamala, Sakhasrithakamala, Kumbhakamala, Halimaka, Lagharaka and panaki.

The possible comparisons for above diseases are

Koshtasritakamala Sakhasrithakamala Kumbhakamala Halimaka Panaki
Haemolytic jaundice Obstructive jaundice Liver failure Post hepatic obstructive jaundice Hepatic renal syndrome

some of the symptoms of kamala are Haridra mutrata, netrata, twak, nakha, mukha, sakrta (yellowish discolouration of urine, sclera, skin, nails, face and faeces), daurbalya(weakness), avipaka(indigestion), daha(burning sensation), aruchi(tastelessness) etc.



Different Sodhana therapies can be adopted based on the vyadhi bala, rogi bala, agni bala, stages of doshas and dushyas involved. Acarya Caraka has mentioned “Kamale tu virecanam” i.e. purgation therapy with mridu and tikta dravyas. Acarya Sushruta mentioned drug and dieted regimens. Acarya Vagbhata quoted “Kamalayam tu pittaghnam Pandurogavirodi yat” i.e. drugs which pacify Pitta and drugs which do not interfere with Panduroga should be used.


Since liver is the largest organ and main site of metabolism and detoxification, the diet should be easily digestible during this condition.

Take simple food for the first three days of the jaundice affliction. Have a meal of porridge, especially rice gruel (kanji).

Avoid non-vegetarian foods at least till the effects of the jaundice last on the skin. Do not take even heavy vegetarian foods. The reason is that the liver needs to produce more bile to digest these heavy foodstuffs and this could alleviate the pigmentation of the skin.

There must be a complete abstinence of salt as it is a mineral and requires a difficult digestion process.

Do not give cereals and pulses to the patient as they cause inflammation in the liver.

Excessive intake of katu ,amla ,lavana rasa ( spicy ,sour,salt)

Usna ,tikshna ,vidahi dravya ( pickles, carbonated drinks etc)

Excessive intake of madya ( alcohol )

Avoid day sleep ,keeping awake at night time, suppression of natural urges

Always drink water that is filtered or boiled. Do not drink raw milk.

Dr.Gayatri Priyanka.Mullapudi
MD (Ayurveda ),PG.D in yoga
Travancore Ayurveda