Signature Therapies

Matru Raksha(Post-Natal Care)

Feel the touch of traditional post-natal care through ayurveda. Travancore Ayurveda introduces real, authentic, Kerala ayurvedic care for woman post delivery. A disease free mother will raise a disease free child.

Ostaprasadanam(Lip Care)

Soft and pink lips are the sign of good health. But sometimes bad weather, bad habits, bad cosmetics, bad health tends to take a toll on your lips making it look dry and unhealthy.


Male and female infertility is on a rise in the current times. According to a report published in The Quint, 1 in every 10 couples in India are barren. Ayurveda puts very high importance on having good progeny because that is how a healthy society gets built. At Travancore Ayurveda, royal and authentic aurveda principles, help you bring the fulfillment of a marriage.

Ayurveda for Sports

Ayurveda therapies for sports have been since long used to enrich conditioning programmes, help athletes prepare for and recover from competition, reduce the potential of injuries and aid in injury rehabilitation.

It is a three fold objective driven therapy that, optimizes performances, decreases injury and supports healing. It optimizes range of motion by maintaining healthy muscles and connective tissue.

Ayurveda sports medicine also helps maintain mental calm and alertness.

Deha Prasadhanam(Rejuvenation)

A traditional Kerala Ayurvedic therapy to rejuvenate the body and mind to maintain physique. Done by 2 technically trained therapists in a synchronized manner.
- Client can choose medicinal oil or Aromatic oils.

Mano Prasadanam(Rejuvenation)

Unique Rejuvenation Therapy comprises of Deha Prasadhanam (synchronized body massage done by 2 technically trained therapists) for 45 min, Shirodhara (pouring of medicated oil on the forehead in oscillating manner) and Ooshma Sweda (medicated steam bath) for 30 min in an oscillating manner. The benefits of these procedures are that it relaxes the body, calms the mind, induces sound sleep, Detoxifies, Rejuvenates & Revitalizes the body, improves blood circulation, Restores and Repairs the worn out tissues, Tones up the muscles & Improves the skin complexion. These Therapies are most ideal for Corporate executives and others who are stressed out.
- Client can choose medicinal oil or Aromatic oils.

Indriya Prasadanam(Sensory Bliss)

This rejuvenation program is comprising Deha Prasadhanam (Oil massage), medicated steam bath & Shirodhara. It combines Deha Prasadhanam and Shirodhara along with special therapies to rejuvenate your five sensory organs viz. Eyes, Ears, Nose, Tongue & Skin. A must for the ones who believe in living healthy. It is our initiative to show you the way of healthy living. Healthy living habits improve quality of life and not to forget, longevity.
- Client can choose medicinal oil or Aromatic oils.

Soundarya Vardhini (Beauty care therapy)

This is a unique beauty therapy. It involves various therapies like facials using herbs, fruits and other natural ingredients, medicinal oil massages for the whole body, "Thaali" for hair care, especially for hair loss and premature graying, More than just a facial this unique experience will delight your senses and lift your spirits. Experience the Herbal Massage followed by steam and pure herbal nourishment which helps the tension to float away through relaxation of muscles and improved blood circulation to the brain, thereby reducing stress and improving hair and scalp condition.
- Client can choose medicinal oil or Aromatic oils.

Mukha Prasadanam (Ayurvedic Facial)

Gentle massage of the face with a special oil to nourish, cleanse and beautify the tissues, bringing a smooth youthful glow to the complexion, thus reducing wrinkles. After a steam, a face pack is applied to make the skin softer and glowing.

Pada Abhyangam (Ayurvedic foot massage)

A stimulating massage is done to the feet and legs, increasing blood flow as well as relieving tiredness, while cleaning and stimulating the nerve endings.

Head & Neck Massage

Duration 30 minutes

Back Massage

Duration 30 minutes

Shiro Dhara

Warm medicated Oil is dripped gently and continuously across the forehead in an oscillating manner to revitalize the mind and body. Dhara is also a special massage therapy for stress and strain, while reducing hypertension.
Duration: 45 Minutes