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This is natural phenomenon which benefits to mother as well as child which should not be avoided. Ayurvedic scholars have praised and elaborately explained in the ancient books about many advantages of mother’s milk. Breast feeding is the best method to give LOVE to the child. This makes a woman a “Complete Mother”. A child understands mother through her milk. In Ayurveda Mothers milk is called as “Amrut”-Nector. Each breast is considered as the knowledge pot for the child.

How to test quality of Good milk

Let a drop of milk fall into a container of water.

If it disappears then it’s a good milk, if it sinks it is considered as heavy with Kapha dosha so mother has to avoid having kapha vrudhikara aahara -food .If the milk floats then it is because of air vata – Child will pass gassy stools and suffers from grips. If pitta is in excess it will tinge the milk yellow.

Facts about lactation

Mother’s milk is naturally sterile and protects child from various infection and diseases.

It is always available at the right temperature and suitable for child.

It increases the immunity of child

Various digestive enzymes present in mother’s milk which helps child to have proper digestion

It also helps mother to be fit and her hormones to be in normal condition.

Breast feeding decreases in postpartum weight retention

Mothers who breast feed their babies have a reduced risk of breast cancer , ovarian cancer, and endometrial cancer.

Women who breastfed their infants had less anxiety and more mutuality than the women bottle feeding their infants as proved by various studies.

Breast feeding is not a choice it’s a Responsibility


Dr Smita , Head of practice and Governance